Apple Pencil for iPad Pro (White,MK0C2ZM/A)

Brand: Apple Model: MK0C2ZM Warranty: 1 Year Shipping asper Actual
Manufacturer: Apple
₹ 8,256.00

Technical Details:

  • Brand
    • Apple
  • Model Name
    • MK0C2ZM/A Pencil for iPad Pro
  • Suitable For
    • Apple iPad Pro 9.7" & 12.9"
  • Utility Features
    • Magnetically Attached Cap, onnections: Bluetooth, Lightning Connector
  • Color
    • White
  • Model ID
    • Apple I Pad Pro Pencil
  • Additional Features: It is Sensitive to Pressure, Pixel Perfect Precision
  • Dimensions
    • Length
      • 17.57 cm
    • Diameter
      • 0.89 cm
    • Weight
      • 20700 mg
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